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ah yes baseball snacks - maybe it's this high school baseball thing, but my 'snack bag' is still pathetically neglected and I haven't cleaned it out and repacked it - maybe for summer ball. You missed a VERY NECESSARY snack - tootsie pops - and also we do a lot of pistachios (I got really sick of seeds at about 10 year old ball, I still have had maybe 12 seeds since then - really 12 whole seeds, not 12 bags, 12 handfuls, etc.) Oh and I love tournaments - we saw one on our way home from After-Prom Saturday morning and wanted to stop, lol.


I know...I don't do seeds either-but T loves them, and so does Husband. The kids just suck on them and spit them out, though. The fields we played on this weekend banned seeds because they were ruining their astro turf. I love pistachios...good idea! Also, corn nuts-ranch or nacho cheese-mmmmm. I am like you-I want to stop and watch every tournament I see too!

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