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Wow- That poor kid. :( Seriously- his mom needed to chill.

There is ALWAYS the issue with the kids (and their parents) not wanting to play in the outfield. I guess- because there is not the constant action out there.
We had that struggle with All-star. Yes, he pitches--but he also plays center field. Up until recently he thought it was a punishment to be out in center.
As the boys get older and stronger. More hits get out to the outfield and it is *important* to have have fast acting quick boys out there.
All-star saved at least 4 games last year and there were no worries when he was out in center. After good plays and a lot of encouragement from all the parents--- All-star now LOVES center. He plays first occasionally-but would rather pitch and play in the outfield.
Parents need to back off and let the coaches do their job. :) :) :)
Aaaaah........ the life of a coaches wife. We should start a coaches wives blog. ;)


yes to coaches wives blog... and I wonder if Johnny Damon or Chipper Jones' moms were having a fit when their boys were turning into the best around? When my son was in the outfield, he watched webgems everyday and aspired to be that. Now he is in the infield (corners), but he still loves that feeling of throwing a kid out at home from the outfield w/o a cutoff and still asks the coaches to put him out there when they can.
It sounds like the situation resolved itself - and you can bet that everyone will quickly become aware that it is HER saying things and that what she says is usually false.

Anne Glamore

I'm glad this isn't unique to our league!


I have found that nothing good ever comes from a parent wanting his/her kid to play more than the kid himself wants to play.

No matter what the sport or the level of play.

We've seen this happen time & again in all the sports my husband has coached. Which is why we've always waited for our kids to tell us what sport he/she wanted to play, not us just telling him/her what he/she is going to play.

You & your husband have been more than fair, in my opinion.


I talked to nosykid's best friend's mom, who is also on our team, and I said that it's a little sad for her son D, because the other kid was his good friend, and she replied, "Oh well, that's okay as long as I can find help getting D to doesn't matter." I think she knows that the mom is the way she is, and I am glad it's not going to cause problems with other families that are on the team.


Hell's kid sat most of 6 weeks when he was injured and jumped at the shot to play outfield when his coach finally felt it would be OK for him to play. Last year he was starting short and pitcher. This year, he plays at center and still pitches (he's back and he's goooood, yay!). He LOOOOVES center, because that means the rest of his team is pretty darn good and they don't need HIM at short. He still likes short, because there's more action. Once they go to Cooperstown, they'll be up against some pretty stiff competition from across the country and by golly they will need strong players in the outfield.

Anyway, having good baseball parents is just as important and having good baseball players. Folks (and kids) who will respect what the coaches are trying to do can help a team get far.

I haven't updated Inside Corner in a long time. Think I might just blog about everything on the regular blog linked in my info. Long story short, problem parents from last year have not returned, have their own team, and have a big chip on their shoulder. We, on the other hand, have a MUCH IMPROVED team and are looking foward to an excellent season.

Best wishes for a successful season. Remember, success doesn't always mean winning...but that sure is fun! ;-)

Soccer Dad

I've never understood how parents can just 'create' stuff out of nothing like that. I've heard rumors that just make you stop and go 'wha??????' I mean telling me aliens had landed on the pitch and played alien soccer would be more believable than some of the stuff some parents regurgitate.

My parents get annoyed at the detail of my many league emails - but that's been driving by the clear realization that if you don't give them all the details, they'll create their own :) This way they just ignore the emails and still make up their own stuff, but at least I can point out that we DID tell them what they wanted to know.

It's not much, but it's something :)

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