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Well there is the off chance that having had all this explained to her, she will take it for what it is - and will use that information to help her son improve as a ball player. How old are these boys? I remember at about, I would say 11 years old - the coach sat down at the beginning of the season meeting and explained to the players and parents just how a question about playing time or position should be handled. Players will be rewarded with playing time and choice of position based on ability and hard work and what kid would be best for a given situation at a given spot. Players would be pulled for errs, lack of effort, and occasionally under certain circumstances to give another player a chance. Players (not parents) should inquire - without whining - about any questions - ie. "Coach, I want to improve at 2nd base, can you explain to me why I was pulled and what I can do next time to stay in the game?" - NOT "Coach, why did you pull me?" - NOT "Coach, I think I should be at 2nd base instead of Joey" - NOT "Coach, you didn't pull Joey when he dropped the ball" - etc.

This particular coach also made it clear that any boy whose parents approached him immediately post game (or during a game), their boy would sit for at least an entire game. He also made it clear that with the exception of possibly giving your son a water or gatorade, there was NO REASON for any parent to approach the dugout during a game EVER - and that your boy would be benched for that also.

Other reasons to be benched, throwing bats/helments, using foul language, complaining about/to the umps, ignoring signs, missing signs, errs, and striking out looking multiple times.

He would also require 25 pushups for every time a kid struck out looking.

He was a hardass - but the boys loved him, loved playing for him, and they really learned to love and respect the game and sportsmanship - I still see a lot of those boys on the ballfield (they play for other schools) every one of them still shakes the umps hand after the game, still plays with heart and sportsmanship - and they very rarely let a third strike go by or make errs.


rofl @ me - I don't feel like working, so I post a reply longer than your original post - ugh


Momumo~yep, they're 11 and 12. Husband has told them that they are not allowed to ask him to play a certain position, or bug him about any coaching choices during a's only okay during practice. They also know that THEY should do it, and not their mommies, but this particular mom is really pushy. I think she thinks she's doing him a favor, or else she is the one wanting him to have a little 'glory'...who knows. I totally agree about the gatorade/water thing, and also injuries are a reason...nothing else. Husband jumps all over their butts if they leave the dugout to go visit with their parents too. They have to get used to it, because that's the way it is later on! I figure, if they don't like it...tough shit! I like the idea of the kids shaking the umps' hand...we demand manners from our kids, but that's a nice touch. Much nicer than the kid who went through the line last week and said, "You suck" to each of our players instead of good game. Umm, we were beating you 18-8 tonight...who sucks now, buddy?

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