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Jane Ivey

so a family member found your blog and what happened? just curious because I would NEVER want my family reading my blog. lol

-Janie I


I love the blog, would you be interested in baseball jewelry from

Just in, new for spring we have baseball silver jewelry, we would love for you to stop by!

Keep up the great work on the blog!!


Hi there! Wait what, momumo is back? I hope the fact that you haven't updated all year is a testimony that you are all caught up in taking care of you, that you still have that great job or another great job, and that you're too busy facebooking with real people to take time for your blog -- like me. Sorry to hear about the dog, that sucks. I hope your out at some sort of baseball right now enjoying a great game.


janie, if you're still out there-my brother read some unflattering things about himself and proceeded to call me out on it at his wife's birthday party. it was extremely ugly. it resulted in some feelings that still are not healed. he is very judgemental. my feeling was, he was never invited to read this blog in the first place, so it was his bad. and KYLE? yes, i would love some baseball jewelry. momumo-i'm coming to check you out, girl.

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